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Coved Skirtings


Coved Skirtings or Coving -

Enhance Your Kitchen or Hospital Space with Coved Skirtings: The Ideal Solution for Cleanliness and Style

Coved skirtings offer unique advantages when used in specific environments such as kitchens and hospitals. In addition to their aesthetic appeal and seamless integration with the floor and wall, coved skirtings bring additional benefits that make them a perfect choice for these particular settings. Let’s explore how coved skirtings can elevate the functionality, cleanliness, and style of kitchens and hospitals.

1. Hygienic Solution:
Kitchens and hospitals require a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Coved skirtings are an excellent choice in these environments due to their curved design, which eliminates sharp corners and tight crevices. This feature makes them easier to clean and prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust, or debris that may be common with traditional skirting boards. With coved skirtings, maintaining a clean and sanitary space becomes more efficient, helping to promote a healthy environment.

2. Seamless Wall Protection:
In both kitchens and hospitals, walls are susceptible to damage from spills, splashes, and cleaning processes. Coved skirtings act as a protective barrier, preventing liquid or cleaning agents from seeping behind the wall or causing damage. The upward curve of coved skirtings acts as a natural splash guard, preserving the integrity of the walls and reducing the risk of water damage or staining.

3. Easy Maintenance and Durability:
Coved skirtings are designed to withstand heavy use and regular cleaning, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and hospitals. Their durable construction and smooth surface facilitate effortless maintenance, ensuring that they retain their pristine appearance even with frequent cleaning or contact with cleaning solutions. This longevity saves time and resources on maintenance, allowing kitchen and hospital staff to focus on their primary responsibilities.

4. Design Flexibility:
Coved skirtings offer a wide range of design options to match the specific style and requirements of kitchens and hospitals. They can be seamlessly integrated into various interior themes, whether it’s a sleek and modern kitchen or a clean and sterile hospital environment. With different profiles, finishes, and color choices, coved skirtings provide the versatility needed to create a cohesive and visually appealing space.

5. Safety Considerations:
In hospitals, where patient safety is a top priority, coved skirtings offer an added advantage. The absence of sharp corners or edges reduces the risk of injury to patients, staff, or visitors in case of accidental contact. This safety feature contributes to a more secure environment and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Transform Your Kitchen or Hospital Space with Coved Skirtings:
Coved skirtings are an excellent addition to kitchens and hospitals, combining functionality, cleanliness, and style. Their hygienic properties, seamless wall protection, easy maintenance, and design flexibility make them an ideal choice for these specialized environments. Contact us at Map Floors today to explore our range of coved skirtings and discover how they can enhance your kitchen or hospital space, ensuring a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetics. With coved skirtings, elevate the functionality and visual appeal of your environment while prioritizing cleanliness and hygiene.

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