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Real Wood & Laminate Flooring


Real Wood & Laminate Flooring -

We offer a wide choice of wood flooring and laminate including Ted Todd and Sons, Panaget, Quickstep to name a few.

Ted Todd & Sons — A range of solid and engineered, easy to maintain, natural woods that create the perfect ambience for its surroundings, whilst providing the individuality you expect from a floor as unique as you are.

Ted Todd wood flooring is 100% natural, with no harmful emissions or allergens and a lower level of dust particles.

Panaget (with a 30 year guarantee) offers the highest quality woods available.

The oak floors are all sourced from their own carefully managed forests. Panaget carries the PEFC (Pan European Forestry Certification) which means they are ethnically responsible and ensure the forests are replanted for future generations.

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